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This progression guide is the suggested path from the perspective of experienced kitefoilers. Nailing the basics of each step takes time and purposeful practice, but you will find it easier to progress your foiling by following each step and not rushing through.  Most people who attempt kitefoiling, have generally completed step 1 or 2, and try to skip straight through to step 4 or 5, missing crucial lessons learnt in steps 2, 3 and 4. This often results in a slower overall progression, increased risk of injury or breaking equipment! Be patient, follow the steps and always ask questions to other kiters and foilers.  Chances are someone else has already learnt something you are not yet sure of, and can keep your progression satisfying and safe.


Learn to Kiteboard - start with a certified lesson from a Kiteboarding Australia certified school. For a list of schools, see here

  • Learn to stay upwind on a twin tip.

  • Upwind body drag

  • Able to relaunch

  • Basic transitions

  • Control kite in range of conditions


Master kite control and board handling

  • Manage basic jumps

  • Learn to tack on a surfboard/formula board

  • Lear to gybe on a surfboard/formula board

  • Light air relaunch

  • Competent self launch and land skills - if necessary

  • Edging and kite control with board


Learn to foil on freeride / learner gear

  • Achieve sustained level flight

  • Foiling upwind

  • Foiling downwind

  • Tacking, Gybing (touch down or foiling)


Master freeride foiling and foil kite skills

  • Understand and use foil kites

  • Use longer masts or faster wings

  • Change line lengths depending on conditions

  • Foil tacks and Foil gybes

  • Relaunching foil kites

  • Basic jumps and tricks

  • Start racing on freeride/intermediate gear


Racing Kitefoil and foil kites

  • Transfer skills to advanced foils/race foils

  • Understanding rules

  • Develop racing techniques and tactics

  • Advanced understanding of wind

  • Weed checks and big air

  • Send it!

There is many resources available on the web to assist with your development, here is a few links to some popular educational tools.

North Kiteboarding Academy

Slingshot Flight School

Horue - Gybing

Houston - Transitions

Tacking with an SLE

Flysurfer intro to Tacks and Gybes

Original Johnny Heineken Foil Board Footage

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