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2018 W.A. State Titles

Congratulations to all the participants in the 2018 WAKSA Kite Racing State Titles, hosted by Perth Kite Racing & Jervoise Bay Sailing Club over the weekend. The organisers did an amazing job to get 11 out of a possible 12 races completed in what was mostly light to variable winds, in the 5-8knot range. The regatta was topped off by a building Seabreeze, topping out above 15knots on Sunday afternoon for some fast paced, short course action. Reiging Australian Champion, Mani Bisschops (17), made it back-to-back WA titles with a commanding display of speed and skill through the wind range. Andrew Cooksey was hot on his heels after the first half of the regatta, but had to settle for second place on 16 points, followed ever so closely by Alty Frisby on 17pts. Alty also took out the Grand Masters division, followed by Philip Rowlands (4th overall) and Ant Pillinger (6th overall).The new freeride division, consisting of one lap and open to any foiler without 'race equipment', was taken by Andy Chilcott.This event highlighted how versatile and inclusive kite foil racing can be. Ages ranged from youth to grand masters, and experience from 3 days young to years of foiling and racing experience. When else can you go kiting in 7 knots and reach speeds up to 28 knots in those conditions? For more information regarding Kite Foil Racing in W.A. Check out Perth Kite Racing on Facebook or hit up the website Full results: 1st - Mani Bisschops 9pts 2nd - Andrew Cooksey 16pts 3rd - Alty Frisby 17pts 4th - Philip Rowlands 29pts 5th - Gareth Mullins 61 pts 6th - Ant Pillinger 66pts 7th - Torvar Mirsky 77pts 8th - Ryan Palk 95pts 9th - Nathan Boyes 100pts 10th - Ludovic Delplanque 109pts 11th - Mark Todd 120pts 12th - Andrew Chilcott 124pts 13th - Drew Malcolm 130pts =14th - Ian Lane, Nigel Cassidy, Fabienne Bosiger, Matt Goncalves 144pts

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